Ace Video Workshop


Simple VCD and DVD editor with multiple functions


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Ace Video Workshop will allow you to create files ready to be burnt as VCD, SVCD or DVD format. You will only have to choose the output format for your video file and burn the output file in a CD or DVD.

Ace Video Workshop offers you the possibility to apply effects to the video sequences: image rotation, find limits, add borders,...

In addition, with this piece of software you’ll beable to convert MEPG files into AVI files.

That tool will let you choose the codec you want to use, the output size and the number of frames per second.

It includes other interesting features:
- Extract audio from a video file into a WAV or OGG file.
- Extract pictures each certain number of frames as JPEG, BMP, TNG, TIFF, PNG or PCX format.

The shareware version only converts half the file.

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